It's been a pretty decent week for releases on the App Store, all told. This week has the feeling of a mobile-first start to the year, with developers releasing games that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. And we've picked what we think are the top 5 games that you should be playing from the recent crop of App Store debutants.

There's some hardcore screaming, a tiny piano, and one of the most interesting dungeon crawlers we've seen in a while. And there's a lot of block-busting, which fans of a certain arcade era are going to adore. Of course, we might have missed out on your favorite, so be sure to let us know your own suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

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This one doesn't mess about in the slightest, punching you in the most sensitive gaming areas from the very start. It's a super-tough game about controlling a bouncing ball through a series of seemingly impossible levels. Here we have the sort of game that manages to balance failure and joyous success almost perfectly.

Lyrical Letters

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A piano and a lexicographer walk into a bar, the rest is history. Or, more accurately, the rest is Lyrical Letters. Listen to the notes, play them back, and find the words within. You can write your own songs as well, in order to test your friends and foes and find out, at last, who the very best musical speller is.

King Crusher

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An action RPG that takes its ideas from a bunch of super successful games, but moulds some of its own ideas into their carcasses. Dodge around a tiny grid, avoiding huge monsters, picking up potions, and trying to get to the big bad boss. It's part sliding block game, part action adventure, all really good.

Hit the Light

- download for iOS

There are loads of games a bit like Hit the Light on the App Store (in fact there's one coming up directly after it on this list), but it does enough differently to make itself stand out. It's a bit fiddly in places, but for the most part sending a stream of balls to smash some neon strips is a wonderfully cathartic experience.

Hex Blaster

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Another game all about firing balls, this one doesn't really try to do anything differently, but the little twists it does have up its sleeve makes for an interesting experience. There's no depth here to speak of, but there are short bursts of brightly colored high-score chasing, and sometimes that's all that you're looking for.

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