Netmarble has announced the latest collaboration for its RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Teaming up with The Rising of the Shield Hero, the event will add four new crossover characters and a variety of special events and rewards.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is probably not that widely known to western audiences, with most of its press being criticised for some of the more controversial aspects incorporated in its first episode. The story revolves around Iwatani Naofumi who was summoned to a parallel world and unwillingly forced to become a hero. After some bad luck, he teams up with Raphtalia and Filo and starts to turn into the hero he is needed to be.

The collaboration will bring over four main characters from Shield Hero; Queen’s Successor Filo, Hunting Hero Kazayama Kizuna, Naofumi’s Sword Raphtalia, and of course the Shield Hero himself Iwantani Naofumi.

All of these are available to pull for using the Shield Hero Pick Up Draw. An SSR hero is guaranteed at 300 mileage, whilst one of the collab heroes is guaranteed at 600 Mileage. Also, in a pretty awesome twist, the player can choose which of the four heroes they want, to prevent any duplicates, a very nice move from the developers.

Special Missions are available to commemorate the event that will offer rewards like 10 Collaboration Pick-Up Tickets, and even the SSR Hunting Hero Kazayama Kizyna, knocking off one of the four characters easily. The dastardly foe Kuo Ethnina has also come over from Shield Hero as the Event Boss Battle, and repeatedly defeating them will offer currency to trade for Collab Hero Cosymes, UR Evolution Pendants and more.

To test these new characters, the Hero’s Underground Labyrinth will allow players to test run the four heroes and earn rewards such as an SSR Evolution Pendant and a Super Awakening Token. Of course, there is also a Check-in Event for free rewards over 14 days, giving out a maximum of 100 Diamonds.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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