Netmarble Corporation has pulled out all the stops to celebrate the 3 and a half year anniversary of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. The Grand Cross 3.5th Year Anniversary the Ultimate One, a rather wordy title, brings with it a brand new character and a boat load of rewards to reap.

A new version of the Lion’s Sin himself Escanor is available to obtain through the Ultimate Festival draw. You will be guaranteed to pull [Fire of Life] “Ultimate” Escanor at 900 mileage, with SSR heroes also being guaranteed at 200 and 600 mileages, from a pool of characters including [Holy Warrior] Traitor Meliodas and [Restored Memories] Elizabeth of Eternal Rebirth.

For those looking to get a bit of a boost, there are a variety of boxes to buy under the Ultimate Jump Box Event. Players will be able to get a maximum of 9 top heroes, including a festival hero which a player can choose 1, and a new hero [Knight of the Holy War] Guardian Griamore. What's more, all heroes are fully awakened at UR 90, and you can even obtain up to 14 upgraded equipment sets.

To really celebrate, Netmarble is throwing a lot of free rewards at its player base. There is a guaranteed 110 free draws and 6 UR 90 heroes via the Special Jump Step Up Draw. In addition, the Ultimate One Check-in (Event I and II), are separate 28-day period blocks gifting up to 200 diamonds and 280 tickets between them just by signing in, which is well worth a minute each day.

Once you've gathered all your rewards, it’s time for the best part of events; challenging battles. The Ultimate One Event Mission includes 7 missions, offering rewards such as 140 Grand Cross Jump Box tickets and the One-step Evolution Bonus. Of course, there are plenty of Escanor-flavoured events to take part in.

Operation: Clear Liones follows Escanor and Mawk as they set out to find Merlin’s Poem, with players tasked to occupy 4 main bases. Completing this story will reward you with Diamonds, SSR Evolution Pendants and more. If you are looking to kit your Escanor out in new gear, a costume can be earnt by clearing the boss battle Indigenous Purgatory Creature.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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