Nexon has announced the opening of pre-registration for its upcoming racing game KartRider: Drift. There has also been confirmation of what pre-order bonuses are available as well as a special present for all early players.

KartRider: Drift is Nexon's upcoming multiplayer kart racing party game and the latest in the successful KartRider franchise. Starting in 2004, the first KartRider gained particularly large popularity in Asia as well as beyond, gaining more than 380 million players since its launch. The franchise itself continues to be held to particularly high praise in Asian markets, with Korea maintaining a huge eSports presence in the form of an official league dating back to 2005, which is rather impressively the longest-running eSports league.

This latest entry takes inspiration from its successful forebearers to deliver the same drift-filled racing action across multiple game modes, along with some deep customisation and Unreal Engine 4-fueled graphics. KartRider: Drift will offer free-to-play online cross-platform gameplay across mobiles, PC and consoles, with cross-progression also being offered to pick up the action anywhere. Players will be able to compete in the fast-paced Speed Mode with a track scattered in boosts, an Item Mode where participants can use a variety of items to attack opponents or defend themselves, and a special Custom Race mode with modifiable parameters.

Depending on the platform, players will be able to claim an exclusive character and kart that is themed after that specific platform, with each of these only being redeemable once per account within 90 days of launch. Anyone who goes further and actively pre-orders the game will be able to claim a special character when the game launches, Model Student Diz.

KartRider: Drift is available to pre-order now on the App Store and Google Play. Nexon has also announced an upcoming cross-platform play test coming soon, with details being announced on the officialwebsite.

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