It is the last chance to influence the direction of Neowizs’ upcoming RPG Brown Dust 2, as the final beta has kicked off. Lasting until June 12th, selected users and creators will be able to take part in the game’s immersive Tutorial Pack and the gripping Story Pack.

Brown Dust 2 is an upcoming tactical RPG, where your mastery of the battlefield will be tested. You will need to position your units perfectly and choose when to unleash powerful skills with your limited resources. Organise your units well enough, and you will take down rows of enemies in a single strike.

Our latest character is the White Reaper Justina Edelfelt, a senior knight with the Imperial Security Task Force. Her trailer does not give much away in the form of combat styles, beyond being a single sword-wielding light element fighter. However, she appears to be fairly no-nonsense, so if you like your characters straightforward instead of beating around the bush, Justina looks like a winner.

As well as this latest trailer, the developers have released the fourth instalment of their Developer’s Memo. This time, they introduce us to the new Infinite Draw system, which will give players the chance to draw a five-star character as well as their five-star exclusive gear in the same pull. If you want to watch the notes yourself, it is available on YouTube.

Despite only being active for two weeks, the number of pre-registered players has already exceeded one million and is well on its way to smashing one and a half million. That means anyone who signs up will already be getting the two draw tickets and 4-star Character Exchange Tickets, and it isn’t much further till the 5-star ticket, so if you aren’t already involved, get on it.

You can register for Brown Dust 2 now on the official website.

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