TEPPENs latest trilogy is coming to a close, with an enemy the likes no one could have fathomed. Instead of demons or Reploids, the heroes will be going toe to toe with themselves, as the mastermind of the invasion enacts their final plan.

It was a hard-fought battle, but the last Teppen outing saw players finally beat back the Reploid Army, so it is time to relax, or so it should be. Sigma from Mega Man X has started their true invasion, moving his plan to the final stage. Using Akatsuki from crossbeats' REV. SUNRISE, Sigma has created replicants based on the heroes' battle data. These fakers have started to attack innocent civilians, prompting the ASMF to infiltrate Sigma’s Mirage Colosseum Fortress so one final last stand.

This update brings a host of powerful new cards such as Masterwork MS Zangief, and Sonic Vanguard Guile, however, can you truly trust the heroes with the duplicates running around? Mother Computer Akatsuki is the lynchpin in Sigma's plan, for good reason. This Legendary Machine has no ability to attack. Instead, when entering the field it will flag one enemy with the Mark of Akatsuki, seizing control of them. When Akatsuki leaves the field that unit returns to the right side of the field, however, it is still a powerful skill that will destroy opponents' strategies.

To celebrate Sigma winning the TEPPEN Popularity Poll recently, all players who complete the ranked Sigma Mission will grab some fantastic goodies such as a Sigma’s Inasion Pack Ticket. Anyone who logs in during the event will also receive a newly drawn Dark Civilization Sigma, Vassals of Darkness, and a Civilization Rebel Sigma Player Icon.

This intense new battle is taking place during TEPPEN's 3.5 anniversary, which also needs celebrating. Players can nab a free season pass from the Soup Shop until February 21st, and logging in before February 28th will get you ten card packs. By logging in through the event you’ll also get three Secret cards; Sanada Yukimura, The Princess and Hsien-Ko, as log-in rewards.

TEPPEN is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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