There’s an abundance of “free” games out there on the App Store these days, but many of them aren’t actually free. Whether they offer in-game purchases that make playing them a little easier, serve up ads left and right, or some combination of the two, it’s rare to find free games that aren’t trying to monetize you in some way that feels pretty icky. That said, there are a few hidden gems out there that don’t try any of these schemes that are absolutely worth playing. Check out this list below:

DATA WING - Download

DATA WING takes some simple shapes and uses them to create one of the most unique and stylish experiences on the App Store. What starts as a simple racing game evolves into something much more than that, and it contains a surprisingly in-depth story to boot. The best part of all of it is that you get all this completely without having to pay for anything, sit through timers, or endure ads of any kind.

Underhand - Download

Do you like Reigns? Do you like cults? Do you like free things? If you’re answer is yes to all three of these questions, Underhand is probably the game for you. It’s a deck-based game where you play as a cult leader trying to find the dark relics of the unholy gods you worship. As you draw cards, you get to make choices about how you move forward, but there’s also an interesting resource management aspect to the whole thing, too.

Stranger Things: The Game - Download

In a cool marketing move, the Stranger Things mobile game released just before the premier of the show’s second season, and it was both free and good. Even if you aren’t particularly partial to the Netflix show, the Stranger Things is a great little retro-inspired game that feels a little like a Zelda game, and a lot like a fun time.

Spaceteam - Download

Spaceteam is the ultimate multiplayer mobile game. In case you haven’t heard of it already, it’s a game for 2-8 players where each person uses their own phone or tablet as a command console for a Star Trek-like space ship. Your objective is to give commands to other players while listening out for someone else who might have instructions for you. It’s a wild, fun, and loud time, and (of course) totally free.

#WarGames - Download

After the success of Her Story, creator Sam Barlow set out to do something different, and he certainly did with the release of #WarGames. This game is more like watching a TV show that reimagines the film WarGames in a modern context. Across each of its episodes though, players can interact with what’s playing out on screen and get different stories based on their decision-making. It’s a really cool concept and freely available for you to check out via the Eko app on the App Store.

Note: There are ads that open and close each episode of #WarGames, but these are unobtrusive and intermittent enough that the game doesn’t feel like a free-to-play game.

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