Super Mecha Champions' latest update introduces the Pilot Bond System, that will grant your character a whole host of new talents. Alongside this new feature, there will also be a Mecha added to the game called Neutron Star.

The new Bond System will allow players to strengthen their bonds with their various pilots in two ways. The first is to simply keep using your preferred characters in battles and this will gradually upgrade their bond level over time.

The second method is to give your preferred pilots specific bond items. Depending on which items you use, they will give your pilot different effects. To obtain them you'll need to make sure you're completing Bounty Missions that have been added with the new Bounty System. These will be refreshed daily, giving you an opportunity to net yourself some these items regularly.

Increasing your pilots' bond levels will earn you skill books that can be used to increase their talent levels, making your characters more potent in battle. Talents are all passive skills so they will automatically activate in fights without your input. At present, each pilot will have two sets of talents with the developers saying that the system will be expanded in future.

As mentioned, a new Mecha will arrive alongside the bonding system called Neutron Star. It's a Mecha that's often used by an elite police force with the intention of keeping peace and order where it roams. It's small in stature but will still pack a noteworthy punch and possess impressive mobility thanks to its diminutive size.

Super Mecha Champions is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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