The physical cartridge edition of Pocket Pixel Design’s Super JetPak DX is still available to preorder and will be until 31st January, with the game launching later this year on the Nintendo Game Boy.

In Super JetPak DX, you play as a lonely astronaut who is lost on various alien worlds across the galaxy, and must get home by moving around in a jetpack while avoiding being killed by the different hazards each planet holds. You collect different components in your shuttle and use it to fly away to new worlds, hopefully hopping enough times to make it home. You also must contend with hostile aliens and the hazardous environment as well.

Super JetPak originally began as a homebrew game for the Game Boy back in 1999, which was also a remake of Jet Pac for the ZX Spectrum. This version of the game is updated with retro graphics and music which fit expectations of modern audiences. Here’s a video showcasing the game’s new features and its total redesign.

This physical release means you’ll be able to get your hands on a cartridge containing Super JetPak DX, as well as a box and manual. Pocket Pixel Design is also throwing in a digital ROM of the game for good measure. The preorder period ends on 31st January, whereupon manufacturing begins the day after. Shipping will start on 1st March.

If you want to buy everything; that includes the cartridge, box, manual and ROM download, that’ll cost £40. However, there are some cheaper options such as getting both the cartridge and the ROM for £25 and just the ROM for £10. There’s also a postage cost if you live outside of the UK.

This one sounds like a must-have for collectors, and if you’re interested you can grab Super JetPak DX from Pocket Pixel Design’s website.

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