Adva-Soft has announced a new photo editing app for the iPhone that allows users to remove blemishes and other unwanted elements from photos. Aimed at users who wish to remove unwanted spots, wrinkles and other imperfections from their images, the app is expected to launch at the end of May.

TouchRetouch uses intelligent algorithms that avoid compromising any other elements of the photo outside of the problem area. Using a simple swipe, users can select the area of a photo they wish to fix and hit the Go button to perform the edit which preserves the surrounding area. The app will be compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and also offers features such as in-app video tutorials, unlimited undo and smart image background recovery. If TouchRetouch lives up to its billing and provides the features promised it should be an interesting prospect for its small $0.99 price point. Adva-Soft president, Davydov Maksim said of the launch "Word got out that we have developed this piece of software and there seems to be a bit of buzz going around about it. We're figuring on quite a bit of activity the date of release.” TouchRetouch is planned for launch on May 25th subject to App Store approval.

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