One of the best things about video games is how they can connect thousands of players across the world and bring them together for a common goal, usually punching some big bad guy until they stop being a menace and go start a bakery or something, but in Sky: Children of the Lights case, it is to break a Guinness World Record.

That's right, on August 25th during Gamescom, 10,061 users logged into the world of Sky after the developers shined the bat signal to everyone to get online, enjoy a fun-filled day capped with a live concert by AURORA, and set the new Guinness World Record for Most Users in a Concert-Theme Virtual World.

What makes this more impressive is Sky has yet to launch on PC, so thatgamecompany managed to achieve this massive feat without access to a sizeable market. It will be landing on computers before the end of this year, so maybe at the next Gamescon players can try again and set an even bigger record.

Sky also managed to break one of its’ own records during this event, for the most avatars emoting simultaneously. Whether that was 10,000 users waving their arms frantically to the music, or all the spectators getting into the Emote Duels that happened earlier, a milestone is always nice to hit. I hope it was a Mexican Wave whilst two teams frantically emoted at each other because the idea amuses me.

After setting this world record, the developers were full of praise for their player base, with CEO and creative director Jenova Chen saying “While thatgamecompany created Sky, it is our dedicated community that has sculpted its universe”

“Our players deserve all the credit that made this record-breaking achievement possible. Their unwavering support and passion for togetherness breathe life into the very essence of Sky as it stands today.”

Sky: Children of the Light is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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