Despite not being released for that long, Bluepoch Games is already releasing Phase One of Version 1.1 for their 20th-century time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999. The Theft of the Rimet Cup will introduce a new 6-star character; the famous thief Melania and her talking handbag mentor Acey.

The great thief Melana is an extremely powerful DPS who can easily shoulder the role of a main damage dealer. She can use her Ultimate quite frequently for constant high damage and can gain a significant damage boost to her rituals through her Insight tree. If you are lacking strength, then the Pop is Everything banner might be worth pulling on.

If you are looking for more attacks, then there is a second limited-time banner running until November 20th, with a boosted rate for the 6-star plant character Druvis III. With a powerful single-target skill that can petrify and a group attack with a 30% Penetration Rate, Druvis will prove a handful for any enemy.

When you have these strong new allies, then you can tackle the new event story; The Theft of the Rimet Cup. Available until December 4th, players can collect puppy coins by clearing stages, and can then trade them for rewards such as Wilderness islands and buildings, as well as the 6-star Psychube Unilog.

For story buffs, there are two other events to explore. Thief of Thieves and Bio of the Great Thief follows the origins of Melania when she was a London university student, far before she was making headlines for theft. You will also learn of the Great Thief Acey, and gain some background on a certain famous painting and ancient coin.

Reverse 1999 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, with Phase Two of this update coming later this month starting a new summonable dog. What more do you need?

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