Earn to Die and Crash of Cars publisher Not Doppler is bringing its popular web game, Renegade Racing, over to mobile devices. It's a hectic, wacky multiplayer racer which sees you battling your way to victory in intense 1v5 matches.

The straightforward 2D racing looks fast and arcadey. During races, you'll be required to perform ludicrous stunts to avoid your opponents. New levels have been added for you to master. Some of these include the peaceful Docks, trap-filled Caverns, and fiery Devil's Island. A fresh missions system has also been introduced, making this upcoming mobile version potentially the best way to play.

There are 12 vehicles to master and 16 power-ups to utilise on anyone daft enough to get in your way. How you want to customise and upgrade your vehicles is up to you. Among them is a sleek police car, a tank, a hefty bus, and even a monster truck hearse.

The original web game versions of Renegade Racing have topped 180 million online play sessions. It seems like the sort of thing I'd quietly play in the school library when pretending to study. Look for it soon on the App Store and Google Play.

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