Tower of Fantasy welcomes their latest simulacrum to the field, and she is one powerful character. The former head of the Listener Project, Dr. Rubilia is swapping research for adventuring and comes with some truly powerful skills.

Rubilia is definitely a character that is worth getting if you can, as her damage output potential is absolutely immense if you gear her right. If you equip two or more volt weapons you will activate her Volt Resonance ability, increasing Volt Attack by 20% and Volt resistance by 40%.

With a fully charged weapon, you will be able to paralyze your target for one second, which sounds short but in a fast-paced game like this it is more than enough. They will also be electrified, negating all buffs and preventing them from receiving more for six seconds and dealing 114% of Rubilias attacks as damage.

Her standard attacks aren't much to write home about, with some unremarkable attack combos in the air and ground just for pumping out some damage. She does come equipped with a chase to keep the combos going, and whilst in the air you can consume some stamina to unleash an Advent Fall for a ground pound attack.

Rubilia’s skills are where she shines though. Harrah’s Embrace, her discharge skill, removes all debuffs and deals massive damage to nearby targets. You will also have immunity during the release, as well as gain a volt damage increase for 30 seconds. Three crystal thorns will also appear on the field, lasting 150 seconds.

Her field skill has her perform 10 high-speed attacks, dealing massive damage to nearby enemies. You can stack some additional damage on top of this, as each crystal thorn on the field will take 10% max health damage to power up your move.

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.

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