Puzzle & Dragons has announced its latest collaboration, bringing in characters from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai to recruit into your party. The crossover will last until April 10th, so you have plenty of time to clear all the content.

If you are a fan of the Dragon Quest series you will know that monsters are a big deal in the game, so it is no surprise you can recruit a bunch in the Monster Exchange. You can get your hands on monsters like Platypunk and Golem, by amassing Dragon Crest Medals from the special dungeons.

The first way to get these medals is by playing The Adventure of Dai dungeon, which will reward you with items such as the Dragon Crest Medal Gold. You can also gather them for clearing The Adventure of Dai - Fixed Team floors, which will also grant you a free pull from the limited-time Egg Machine if you clear it all.

If you want a challenge, try the Colosseum, which will give you a specified character to use as a Team Leader. If you succeed, you will be a 100% drop rate, with monsters like the Rainbow Metal Dragon and Rich Gold Dragon to be had. You can even get an Egg pull for clearing, and you can tackle this dungeon with 3-player Multiplayer should you choose.

The Master Avan’s Special Hard Course will reward players with 297 or more points for clearing each floor for the first time. As you clear all of the floors, you will also get an Insignia of Avan to show off. For the biggest challenge, take on the Dragon Cres Title Challenge, a timed dungeon that will net you a special title upon clearing it.

When you have managed to collect a team of collab characters, try your hand at the Training on Dermline Island event, which will give your Adventure of Dai characters a raise in parameters. You will be able to grab an Event Medal - Black for clearing, which you can tackle with your friends.

To get your new team, download Puzzle & Dragons now from the App Store and Google Play.

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