When a developer puts out a mystery game influenced by a show like Twin Peaks, you know you are in for an incredibly interesting time, and that is what The Isle Tide Hotel promises. In this interactive mystery movie, you will need to collect clues, solve puzzles, and always remember not to break the Etiquettes.

Once a year, for three nights only, the Isle Tide Hotel opens its doors to a group of people with only one thing bringing them; their search for the meaning of life. This year, however, the answer is within reach, provided they hand over a sacrifice to their founder, Dr Aniston, who promises this act will conclude the search.

You play the role of a man who does not want this sacrifice to take place, as the individual in question is no other than his daughter. As you play through the story, you will be confronted by a plethora of choices. How do you choose to infiltrate the hotel, will you delve into the lore behind this group and play by their rules, will you befriend anyone or keep your distance?

There are seven main endings to unlock, alongside fourteen distinct outcomes, including those stemming from failing some of the devious puzzles. There are even side quests that you are able to complete, which is pretty in-depth for an interactive story. Completing these or not will directly impact your personality and cult association tracker, and possibly block you from paths altogether.

The acting will obviously make or break an interactive movie, but luckily Isle Tide Hotel has got talent in spades. With cast pulled from the likes of The Witcher, The Blacklist, and even the Night King himself from Game of Thrones, you are going to be so gripped that you’ll forget you’re playing a game.

The Isle Tide Hotel is available to download from the App Store and Google Play

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