If you have been missing arcade games like WarioWare, Majorariatto has released a new title which aims to fill the void of minigame collections on mobile devices. It’s called Pureya and it’s available now on iOS and Android.

Pureya is a collection of charming minigames which all take place within the imagination of a young girl who has dropped her marbles collection all around her bedroom. As she scrambles to pick them up, her mind runs wild as she imagines all the different scenarios of how to collect them.

Each one of these scenarios appear as short ten second minigames which are equally delightful as they are chaotic. During these moments you will have to collect as many marbles as you possibly can before the mode switches to an entirely new minigame.

You can see the trailer for Pureya below, in which it showcases some of the minigames which are available to play. Some of them involve you soaring high as an eagle, dodging explosive cannon fire, and tiptoeing as a flamingo to gather the marbles.

Pureya also has an in-game pachinko machine in which you can spend these marbles to unlock new minigames, skins and collectibles. There’s also an endless mode where you test your skills with any of the minigames or be able to practice on the ones you’re struggling with.

The game uses a two-button control scheme to simplify the gameplay, and also features a dynamic difficulty which gets easier or harder depending on how you’re performing. These two features ensure the game will be accessible to as many people as possible.

You can download Pureya now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid title costing $3.99. It is also available to purchase on Steam.

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