The futuristic sequel to PUBG was globally launched in November. Almost a month after the launch, Krafton announced that PUBG New State will be getting a major update.

The next-gen battle royale has crossed 45 million downloads. Taking this as a cue, Krafton has decided to roll out the first update after release. As a part of the update, players will get a new survivor pass, gun, two vehicles, and a merit points system.

PUBG New State: Survivor Pass Vol.1 and Merit Points

The biggest highlight of the upcoming update is probably the new Survivor’s Pass. This Vol.2 pass is centred around the character Bella from the Dream Runner faction. Players can unlock special Bella’s costumes, NCs, and other rewards. To unlock items from the Survivor’s Pass Vol. 2, players will have to complete some story missions. Of course, the premium version of the pass has many more rewards.

The Merit Points system is another big change that is coming to PUBG New State. To ensure that players have a more positive environment and fair play, players will now be given Merit Points. Players that get reported for toxic behaviour (for instance, team kills) will lose points. Those players will be banned from playing Squad Mode until they earn those points back.

New weapons, vehicles, and customization in PUBG New State

The upcoming update will introduce a new weapon to the game. The L85A3, an Assault Rifle with low recoil, is perfect for mid-to-long range combat. This AR uses 5.56 ammo, has high damage, and a low rate of fire. Players can attach a Vertical Foregrip Bipod to control the gun’s recoil. However, this will compromise the ADS speed a bit.

For the M146 and the SLR, the update will enable some more customization options. For the M416, players can attach a Long Barrel. This will increase the damage along with vertical recoil. Meanwhile, a 5.56mm Barrel can be attached to the SLR to perk up the accuracy. But this will slightly affect the damage output.

Vehicles and the tram system were a big part of PUBG New State’s promotions. And now, the game will have two more vehicles. Mesta, a two-seater sports car, will be available for a drive after the update. Meanwhile, Troi will be getting a minibus. The Electron can accommodate six players and ride around the map.

You can download or update PUBG New State from Google Play and the App Store.

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