PUBG Mobile has introduced a brand new map and game mode as part of its massive Version 2.2 Update. The new map is called Nusa, a beautiful tropical paradise just waiting to be littered with bullet casings and grenades.

Nusa is a tropical tourist island map that measures 1x1 km. This small map means that combat will be a lot more frequent and hectic, with battles likely breaking out immediately after landing. Undoubtedly, that will lead to shorter battles, which will be a boon for those with a packed schedule.

A new mechanic called Super Recall comes with this paradise. It allows any perished players to easily rejoin matches if they have surviving teammates, adding to the chaotic nature of the map. To get around the jungle, zip lines will be spread out at key locations, and there will be an elevator in the multi-story Telepak Town Apartment, or the new 2-seater Quad can be commandeered.

Not one to neglect the old faithful, the Erangel map will also be receiving a tune-up. The Hospital and Mylta Power locations have been updated to streamline combat and scavenging. Two new ports have also been added, along with cosmetic updates to the Ferry Pier. Erangel will also receive a new rainbow weather effect, a Flash Shop that will appear randomly, Gas Stations to fuel vehicles, a Bicycle Shed and new Targeted Supply Crates.

This new emphasis on speed is also spilling over into a new game mode called the Gear Front Mode. The new mode will take place on Erangel, Livik and Nusa, bringing with it several new skills to foster faster-paced battle, quicker map travel and more enemy encounters. Vehicle Air Drops will give quicker access to speed, skills like Playzone Analysis, Trace and Supply Scan will get players fighting fit faster, and Gliding Doll and Healing Smoke will add fun new dimensions to gunfights.

PUBG Mobile is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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