Indie developer Arif Games has released Goblin Raiders on iOS and Android.

It’s a retro-inspired tower defense game where you have to defend your castle from hordes of goblins who are attempting to scale the walls. The game offers a wide range of options to fight them with. You can drop rocks on them, burn them, poison them or fire arrows at them, but be warned that they will fight back.

Many of these weapons suit the medieval-themed setting, so you can expect crossbows and other weaponry from that time period to make an appearance, but there are also sillier weapons such as bowling balls to use in the more ludicrous scenarios, with an overall choice of 30 items in your arsenal to use.

Similarly, there are over 30 enemies and bosses you’ll need to deal with. As you become better at the game and unlock more powerful weapons, the enemy’s power increases as they introduce news ways of attempting to scale the walls, with each variant having its own behavioural patterns that require specific tactics applying to them.

Check out some gameplay for Goblin Raiders in the above trailer that focuses on the core gameplay loop, as well as showing off some of the enemy types that you will be up against.

In addition to a main story campaign, there are several extra modes that will lengthen your time spent playing Goblin Raiders. There are mini games within the campaign that break up the traditional tower defense gameplay, as well as an unlockable survival mode for anyone who would prefer an endless defence action set piece.

Goblin Raiders is developed by Arif Games, which also previously developed Dark Fear and 16-Bit Epic Archer on mobile devices.

You can download Goblin Raiders on the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

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