Night in the Unpleasant House is the intriguing first title from developer Unmapped Path, a team composed of Joel Haddock and Chris Klimas, creator of open-source interactive fiction tool Twine. It's said to offer "a twisted tale of loss, revenge, and pseudoscience", and it's creeping towards an iOS launch later this month.

The game is a mystery adventure of sorts where you'll investigate the disappearance of your father, who vanished without a trace after learning a dark secret about his boss, the Mayor. The story begins with you having worked your way into the Mayor's good graces, though it's all in aid of discovering the location of his hidden house.

It doesn't seem like a particularly nice place to spend an evening, and some might even call it outright unpleasant. This is mostly due to the fact that those who enter usually return as "gibbering mindless lumps".

Your goal is to explore the house from top to bottom and uncover the truth behind the Mayor's dodgy dealings and your father's fate. Though given that there are 13 different endings to see, the course of the game's story can be altered dramatically based on your decisions made throughout.

Night in the Unpleasant House is currently slated to launch later this month for iOS devices.

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