It is almost time for our early Halloween present, as The City of Aeterna arrives in Torchlight: Infinite on September 7th. Upon launch, you will be able to explore a lost city, challenge the new season boss, and say hello to our latest hero, Iris.

The Ruins of Aeterna will soon open its doors, complete with that most evil of things, timed challenges. You will be able to hunt down Marks of Ruin to rekindle candelabras to unlock various reward spots across the map. Join the dots to complete the full map, and you'll finally be able to enter the City of Aeterna. But beware, the more reward spots you connect, the tougher our new season boss, The Lone King of Aeterna, becomes.

By exploring the City you will be able to collect Soul Candles, which you can then equip in your Hunter’s Skill panel to unlock a range of powerful new affixes. Just be warned, as you might expect from a cursed area, these new powers may have the occasional side effect, but it could be worth it for the power.

If you are looking for a new way to play with this area, then take a look at our new hero, Iris. A Spirit Magus from another world, she can summon a bridge of ghosts to battle with her, buffing Iris with support spells. Interestingly, these summons can level up with our new hero thanks to their Growth Mechanic. To unlock your new Ghost Army, you will need the City of Aeterna Season Pass, which also launches September 7th.

Those who main Gemma are also in luck, as a new Hero Trait will bring with it a whole new way to play. Flame of Pleasure will unlock the Purgatory skill, which applies fiery Brands to your enemies whilst dealing huge damage. Gather these marked enemies and unleash Death by Fire, a flaming vortex that deals additional damage to Branded enemies.

Torchlight: Infinite is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play, with the City of Aeterna launching on September 7th.

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