Two iconic fighting series collide as Netmarble announces the latest collaboration for mobile action role-playing game The King of Fighters Allstar. Teaming up with the renowned Tekken series, players will be able to recruit notable characters and battle cards.

The King of Fighters Allstar will be crossing over with Tekken 7, bringing in two new EX Fighters; Hwoarang and Nina Williams. Hwoarang is a Blue Attack Type, a master of Taekwondo that buffs TEKKEN Fighter’s ATK by 65%. Nina on the other hand is a Yellow Defense Type who also buffs TEKKEN Fighter's ATK by 60% and decreases Tag Cooldowns by 2 Seconds.

In addition to these characters, new battle cards are added to buff the already mighty fighters. These cards will increase ATK by 2%, Active Skill DMG by 4.5% and Critical Damage by 6%. The cards also increase critical Rate by 5% and critical Damage by 2-% for 10 seconds upon usage, or in short, mega super punches.

No collaboration would be complete without events, and this one is no different. Players will be able to square off against Devil Jin in a new boss challenge. The stage can be tackled with various penalties that will award different points, and more points mean more prizes. Fortune favours the bold as it were.

A new rush dungeon has been added and offers the chance to earn coins to exchange for various items. The amusing titled Paul in Wonderland Rush Dungeon will reward any who complete it with the Collab Fighter Soul Random Box and Rubies, as well as the aforementioned coins.

The Tekken 7 Collaboration 2nd Round Dice event will offer the chance to earn rewards such as the Collab Affinity Mystery Box, the Awaken EXP Box along with many others. By using Dice Points players can move Alisa and wherever she lands will determine what prizes will be won. There will also be events such as Check-in, TEKKEN Crafting, Event Codex and more.

The King of Fighters Allstar is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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