Marvel Super War, NetEase's popular MOBA, has kicked off its third season today, introducing its Zone Invasion beta and an all-new playable superhero.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel have received fresh outfits that are part of the game's Space War skin collection. Iron Man's Planetary Armour skin and Captain Marvel's Planetary Ace skin both come with unique special effects that play into each hero's strengths.

The latest character to make their grand arrival is energy hero Adam Warlock, who battles evil across the universe with his cosmic powers.

Beyond all of that, there's also the Zone Invasion mode, which is a regional competition currently only available in Thailand and the Philippines. That said, if the beta test goes well, the mode may eventually become widely available.

Some small changes to the ranked match and energy core systems have also been made, with their improved interfaces now benefitting from fancy 3D effects.

Those looking for a superpowered MOBA will find Marvel Super War available for download now as a free-to-play game from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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