The trinity of Nuverse, Second dinner and Marvel Entertainment has announced the global release date for its upcoming card game Marvel Snap. The developers have also released a new gameplay trailer to get everyone's spidey senss tingly.

Despite what the name suggests, this is not like the traditional card game snap, presumably instead named to honour when Thanos claimed the biggest multi-kill in history. Instead, Marvel Snap is a collectable card battler with real-time gameplay and three different areas to play on per match, to add a layer of hecticness to the mix.

Unlike traditional card battlers, this is not a turn-based affair. Instead, both sides play cards as and when they have the energy, so fast thinking will be a necessity. Every time a round starts, three random areas are placed on the field, each with its special effect to look out for. Xander will increase cards power by 1, and The Vault will not accept cards on turn 6, so players will need to plan ahead to avoid looking foolish.

Each card is lovingly modelled after heroes and villains from the Marvel franchise, and as expected they all have their own special powers that will affect the game in a variety of ways. Without over 150 cards to collect and more than 80 locations that can be randomly selected, no two games will be the same, with each round presenting a brand new challenge and unique experience.

“We can’t believe the amazing response we’ve gotten from players all over the world who have been able to experience MARVEL SNAP during our beta period this summer,” said Tom van Dam, Senior Director of BD and Partnerships for MARVEL SNAP (Nuverse). “MARVEL SNAP introduces a totally new type of card battler gameplay and fans can’t get enough of it. We can’t wait for players to assemble their ultimate roster of heroes and villains and then battle it out against each other starting October 18th.”

Marvel Snap will be released on October 18th and will be available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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