Plarium, the developer behind Raid: Shadow Legends, has dropped the latest trailer for the upcoming limited animation series; Raid: Call of the Arbiter. The just-shy of 60-second video gives us a sneaky peak at the plot ahead of the premier on May 18th.

Raid: Shadow Legends is probably one of the most well-known mobile games out there, from its amusing adverts to sponsoring just about every channel on YouTube. It has built up a giant following, and if you play the game you will see why thanks to its captivating turn-based combat and a huge roster of champions to collect.

The new trailer introduces us to some of the characters we will no doubt see and shows us the animation style which seems quite fitting for the Raid universe. An interesting thing to note is that we are treated to the scenes of an arachnid having their leg chopped out and an enemy getting a sword in the head, and it feels strange to say that is a good sign for a series based on an RPG that the fighting isn't being toned down.

If you go back and check out the original trailer on YouTube, there are a few repeated scenes, which is fair you don’t want to give away the whole show, and this new one does drop a bit of story that the first lacked. As you can expect in a universe of multiple species, there is a bit of tension shown from the Lizardman against humans, and we get a glimpse of who will most likely be the big bad at the end, enough to keep fans wanting more.

To ensure you are up to date on your lore ahead of the May 18th debut on YouTube, download Raid: Shadow Legends from the App Store and Google Play if you are one of the ten people who don’t already have it.

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