Nitro Games, the team behind Heroes of Warland, has today announced its latest game, Lootland. This time around, the developers are approaching the looter shooter genre with a more casual twist, offering fast-paced matches and a focus on co-op multiplayer action.

You'll work together with other players to clear increasingly challenging waves of enemies. As you progress, you'll continue to find better loot from defeated monsters. These resources can then be used to upgrade your favourite weapons and armour, allowing you to progress further through the levels.

The game's currently targeting a 2020 launch, but nothing is yet set in stone. Nitro Games is continuing to test Lootland with live audiences throughout the development phase to ensure the game launches in tiptop condition.

We don't have a great deal of info to go on at the moment. A trailer has now been released which shows off the game's visual style and gunplay. While it's easy to spot aesthetic similarities between Lootland and Epic's Fortnite, Nitro's character designs are clearly more cartoonish.

We also don't know exactly which mobile platforms Lootland will launch for. I reckon it's safe to assume Nitro will bring it to iOS and Android, but whether it'll come to both simultaneously is really anyone's guess. You can see more info over on Nitro's official site.

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