Last week, Legends of Runeterra received the Beyond the Bandlewood update. This expansion added around 126 cards to the game. As you'd expect, players figured out some powerful decks and strategized accordingly.

However, the dev, Riot has decided to do some quick fixes. Some of the cards will receive nerfs in an impending update. Powerful cards from Shurima and Ionia in particular will get hit by the nerfs.

On the Shurima side. Ruin Runner will lose one HP and go down to 6/3 and Merciless Hunter will get the same treatment, making her HP 4/2. Meanwhile, players will have to spend one extra mana for the Flurry of Fists. Lastly, the Shaped Stone will grant +2/+1 instead of +3/+1.

Out of these cards, the Merciless Hunter has been a part of every deck on the Shurima side. Their offensive skills are the same but the health nerf will make them a little vulnerable. Ruin Runner and Flurry of Fists have been an essential part of aggressive decks as well.

Meanwhile, the uncollectible cards have undergone some changes as well. The Flawless Duet created with the Irelia, Lead and Follow combo will now cost players extra mana. The nerfs are sure to have an impact on the meta and deck lineup.

Another card that received a nerf was the Arsenal. The card was released during the Beyond the Bandlewood update. The card was supposed to receive a bug fix originally but now it’s likely to get nerfed as well.

It remains to be seen whether the alterations will roll out this week. But these patches would certainly be rolled out before the Double Elimination of World Championships scheduled for September 4th, 2021.

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