Lamplight City is a steampunk adventure game that's available now for iOS after previously launching on PC. It sees players take on the role of private investigator Miles Fordham who is trying to get justice for his clients whilst tracking down his partner's killer.

The titular Lamplight City is a thriving port city in New Bretagne and stands tall as a sign of progress and industrial advancement. However, like anywhere there is a success there's also areas of the city that are struck by poverty, class struggles and crime. This is all fairly normal for protagonist Miles Fordham but when his former partner starts talking to him from behind the grave, things take a turn for the strange and the detective begins to question his sanity.

It's a narrative-driven game then with a heavy focus on player choice where they'll need to investigate crime scenes and interrogate suspects. How they approach this will be entirely up to them. They can either follow the law or make their own rules. However, this might affect the way people speak to them.

There are five cases to solve in total, each with multiple suspects and false leads that will result in different endings. It's even possible for a case to become unsolvable but this simply becomes part of the overarching narrative.

The game promises a single click interface without a clunky inventory to manage. Instead, players will gather clues and documents in their casebook to review whilst item manipulation is handled by a context-sensitive cursor.

Lamplight City is available now over on the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $4.99.

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