Lumi Interactive is releasing a game called Kinder World later this year on iOS and Android, which is all about looking after houseplants.

In Kinder World, you practice self-kindness skills by taking care of beautiful houseplants in a relaxing environment. Lumi has referenced games such as Animal Crossing and Neko Atsume as inspiration, for example their pacifist themes were a big motivator for the team to create something similar.

Kinder World was created during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the all-female Australian team found success for the game with its Kickstarter campaign which has been funded and is still ongoing with 17 days left.

“In a world where kindness seems harder and harder to come by,” says Lauren Clinnick from Lumi Interactive, “the team and I have found it deeply therapeutic to work with researchers and psychologists such as Dr. Tara Cousineau, PhD to develop a brand new way for people to learn how to be kind to themselves, one another, and the world.”

There’s also a strong community theme in the game, having you support other players who are taking care of their plants as they will do for you. Your actions also add towards a shared communal tree, which grows and shapes itself reflecting how you as a collective group help each other over time.

Kinder World should be the game we all have a chance to play in 2021. It will be released as a paid title on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store later this year. A free demo is available now to play too in case you can’t wait long enough.

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