It's time to fasten your seatbelts once more, as KartRider Rush+ is ready to kick off its 21st Season. The Boomhill Games will bring with it new courses, karts, racers, and even a new game mode, as well as give players a chance to grab some free celebratory rewards.

Boomhill Games brings with it two new modes. Point Race will allow racers to clear daily missions by playing Rush mode, which will reward them with delicious points. Rack up enough and you will grab yourselves rewards such as K-Coins, Batteries, and more. Even better, the first 1,000 players to dominate every match will grab themselves a Custom Plate to show off.

The second new way to play is the addition of an Infinite mode in Relay Race. You can unlock this by reaching 170 through regular races, and then you can cut around the tracks freely, until the time limit ends. Test your skill to see how many stages you can conquer, or use it to try out the brand-new boss-karts.

The new Legendary Speed Kart for Season 21 is available through the Hyperion Center and has two variations for the fashion-conscious. Have no fear though, as the Hyperion Eclipse and Hyperion Blaze have no performance difference, but they will definitely kick your races up a notch or two as speed along the new Mystic Monastery (Tomb) or Airfield Jump (Ice) courses.

To commemorate Season 21, Nexon is giving out rewards such as a Rice Cake Balloon and Tug of War Plate to players who log in and play ranked races before September 10th. If you manage to complete objectives such as sending gifts or simply logging in, you can also get additional gifts like a Triangle Kimbap Headgear or Cute Persimmon Glasses.

Kartrider Rush+ is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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