Ionitron is a puzzle game from the delightfully named indie developer PizzaJugger. The game is available now for Android devices and will see players solving a plethora of puzzles using magnets.

It's also physics-based and the aim of each level is to move a red ion ball onto a tile with a flag on it. This will be achieved by rotating ion magnets of varying strengths in different directions. It looks simple enough then, but the developer says you can expect it to become trickier as you progress through the game's 38 levels.

As you can see in the embedded trailer in this article, the blue – or minus – side of the magnet will pull the ion ball towards it whilst the red – or positive – side will repel it away. The magnets and ion ball are both on rails and the further you get in Ionitron the more mechanics will be introduced such as magnets that can be moved and rotating walls.

Each level will be scored on the typical mobile game star-rating system. If you manage to solve the stage in the fewest number of moves possible then you'll net yourself 3-stars, whilst taking the long way round will ultimately only see you earn one.

The game will also feature a hint system if you're getting particularly stuck on a certain stage. Players can also undo their latest moves too if they've accidentally misclicked or immediately regret their decision.

Ionitron is available now over on Google Play. It's a free-to-play game that's supported by ads.

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