Kickstarter is increasingly being used to help finance the development of apps; the latest attempt at financing an app through the crowdsourced funding site is an interactive story app called The Last Sleeper. This app will feature the work of Halo 4 producer and designer Kendall Davis, Lord of the Rings sound designer (and Oscar winner) Ethan Van Der Wyn, composer Steve Jablonsky (known for Gears of War 3 and Transformers), among other veterans of the gaming industry working on this app. The story is described as a hybrid of science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance, featuring characters Adam and Fera, who develop their relationship as they try to restore their planet of Ephos. However, hurdles arise, and an evil entity named The Shadow must be dealt with along with their personal issues. User input will help to guide and direct the story along, which tries to integrate the sound and visual design along with the user interactions. The app is currently in the funding stage, and is planned for release in the summer of 2012. For more details and concept art, check out The Last Sleeper's Kickstarter page.

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