In some excellent news for true crime buffs and armchair detectives, the interactive audio story Evidence 111 has released on iOS and Android. Taking on the role of a police officer, players will follow the audio story and make key decisions and determine the course of the story.

Taking place Friday 13th September 1985, Chief Inspector Alice Wells has devoted her life to the police force, tirelessly competing with her male colleagues to reach her rank at the age of 33, although her sacrifices have left her isolated. One night, she receives a mysterious phone call from a stranger who knows some compromising facts about Alice, putting her professional integrity and her morality to the test.

Players will travel with Alice to the Harbor Watch Inn, an old hotel located on the remote Cork Island, with a cast of characters that cannot be trusted. As the narrative unfolds, more and more difficult decisions will be presented, forcing you to choose between what is right, and what is easy. The fate of Chief Inspector Alice Wells is on the line, with each choice having a huge impact on the story's direction.

Developed by Czech Play By Ears, Evidence 111 has a branching story that can lead to one of ten alternate endings, and features some stellar acting from the likes of Zoe Robins and the Emmy award-winning Rosamund Pike. With the gameplay centred entirely on sound, the use of the 3D binaural audio technology really shines through and makes the gameplay crisp and gripping. Choices in the game are made by simply swiping the response desired, and the game has features to make it accessible to the visually impaired.

Evidence 111 is available to demo now on the App Store and Google Play. Anyone who gets sucked into the story can unlock the full version for $4.99 via an in-app purchase.

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