One of the more mundane everyday items that have amassed a staggering amount of popularity is our beloved trains; with trainspotters, trains sets, the surprisingly successful Thomas the Tank Engine world, and now a new puzzle game from Afterburn, Railbound.

Railbound answers that age-old question that perplexed philosophers the world over throughout history; what would happen if two dogs ran a train? The answer is, seemingly, that the train cars would never stay attached, players would be tasked with solving puzzles to get these pieces back to the engine in the correct order.

With over 100 puzzles to solve ranging from gentle slopes to twisted passageways, players will need to use a wide variety of items and obstacles to ensure their carriages reach their destination. Tunnels can be used to cover vast distances in an instant, railway barriers can delay trains to correct the order, and tracks can be switched to reroute cars in various directions.

For a simplistic-looking game, Railbound has a surprising amount of depth to it. As the game advances the tracks get more and more complicated, with extra cars to attend to, other trains getting in the way and passengers demanding to be on one specific car out of the three or four that are being juggled, it is easy to cause a pileup and get stuck in a never-ending loop. The game may look and sound pretty, but this makes it now less of a brain teaser.

Afterburn is a small indie company based out of Lodz, Poland that specialises in puzzle games, and to great acclaim. They have earned multiple awards from their projects, such as winning Best Mobile at the Pixed Awards Europe with Gold Peaks, and already scooping awards for Railbound with Best Indie Mobile Game and the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase.

Railbound is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and will cost $4.99 to purchase.

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