Hyper-casual games are a growing area in the mobile realm. The issue is, most people don't use that term to describe them. You'll be familiar with the criteria for them though, they're those games where it relies on one simple mechanic and a lot of collecting stuff - and you'll usually discover them through adverts.

Two of these have emerged from a Mobile Game Jam that was hosted by DigiPen. They're called Icy Drift and Sharkslam and have been made into fully-fledged games as a prize for being the two winners of that Game Jam. Both are available now for iOS and Android.

Icy Drift sees players navigating their way through the icy covered plains of Antarctica. You'll use a virtual joystick to control one of many cute animals as you drift across the sheets of ice. Though the controls are simple you'll have to rely on your reflexes to navigate the dangerous terrain.

Sharkslam, on the other hand, is less about avoiding obstacles and more focused on charging straight into things. You'll – unsurprisingly – be controlling a shark who's out on a mission to prove it's the mightiest apex predator in the ocean. The aim is to slam into different enemies to gain points.

Both of these games have cosmetic collectables that can be unlocked either by collecting coins or attaining achievements. They both also have numerous modes for you to try out so that you can attempt to climb multiple leaderboards.

Icy Drift is available over on the App Store and Google Play. Similarly, you'll also be able to get Sharkslam for both iOS and Android from the same storefronts. Both games are free-to-play with in-app purchases.

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