How to get coins faster in Rodeo Stampede

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on June 28th, 2016
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There comes a time in a cowboy or cowgirl's life when all the riding and lassoing skills in the world aren't enough. You're going to need some cold, hard cash to keep your sky zoo expanding in Rodeo Stampede.

Alas, until you really get the hang of being both an ace animal tamer and a zoo tycoon, you're probably going to find your virtual pocket empty on occasion. It can't be helped, because the main ways for earning coins are completing missions and opening your sky zoo to the public, and both have their limits.

But all hope is not lost. We've logged enough hours on Rodeo Stampede that we can help you in various ways, and one of them is explaining the best ways to get coins faster. Ready? Let's ride!

Always watch videos to double your profits

If you take nothing else away from this article, this is the one thing you should remember. Rodeo Stampedeoffers you the chance to watch a video to double the amount of coins you've earned at the end of some runs, and you should always take it. Always, always. Unless you're playing where you've got no internet connection, in which case you won't have that option. Sorry.

Similarly, when you get to open your zoo to the public, you'll also have the same chance to watch a video to double your coins. Considering how much revenue you bring in once you've tamed about 15 or so animals, you should do this every time as well. Your coin total will thank you for it.

Upgrade habitats to level 4

Surely you've heard the adage about needing to spend money to make money. It's as true in Rodeo Stampede as it is in real life.

Every Savannah animal has a different set of bonuses when you upgrade their habitats, but the common thread between all of them occurs at level 4. Regardless of the animal, a level 4 upgrade will make it earn 50 percent more money when the gates to the sky zoo are opened.

No doubt you've already been considering your upgrades carefully, but reaching level 4 with the animals that offer the most ticket money can really pay off in the long run.

Bucking for bucks

Every animal has an upgrade that can also help you earn additional coins. You just have to have nerves of steel to make most of them pay off.

For example, both the buffalo and zebra have upgrades that earn you bonus coins by riding them while bucking, which they only do when angry. The vulture is the same way, producing coins when swooping.

Your best bet may be the elephant. Its level 7 upgrade gets you bonus coins by smashing obstacles, which is something it does beforeit gets angry. And since you can pick the animal on which you start a safari run, you can grab some extra coins by beginning on an elephant.

Log in several times a day

This is the simplest tip, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Rodeo Stampede allows you to open the zoo to the public every six hours, and those are prime coin-making opportunities.

Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself to open your zoo next time a cruise is available. Other than ponying up real money for coins, it's the surest way to fill those coffers and keep your collection growing.

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