Hoop League Tactics is, essentially, a basketball strategy game from Koality Games. Basketball is usually known for being a fast-paced, end to end sport but in Hoop League Tactics it will become turn-based and methodical. It's available now for iOS Android.

It's a very cool idea and will provide basketball fans with a nice alternative to other games based on the sport that are available at the moment. It's similar in a lot of ways to a career mode in something like NBA 2K, but only in the sense that you'll be involved in an off and on-court capacity.

When there's no basketball to be played you'll be scouting out various players, trying to find the ideal person to add to your current roster. This will also involve negotiating their contracts as well as agreeing on deals with existing players.

Beyond that, there are also skill trees to increase their abilities and fatigue levels to closely manage throughout the season. That already sounds like a lot to do but then there's the on-court portion of Hoop League Tactics too.

Here's where it becomes somewhat akin to a strategy game. The matches are turn-based and when in possession you'll be able to choose between passing, shooting or moving. Which of the three you'll go with will likely depend on that player's stats, which can be viewed in-game. Defending, presumably, works in a similar fashion.

Hoop League Tactics is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with a single IAP that unlocks the full game, which costs £2.99 throughout December. This allows you to create custom leagues, have three save slots and play unlimited seasons.

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