After taking the world by storm on its release, Honkai: Star Rail will be levelling up to Version 1.1 on June 7th. Galactic Roaming, as the update is dubbed, brings a plethora of new events and missions to take part in, as well as a total of three familiar faces available to recruit.

In the Starhunt Game, Trailblazers will receive a call from Herta Spaces Station engineer Leonard, asking you to hunt down graffiti across the station that is hiding some mysterious secret. Heading over to Belobog, the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities event will give you the chance to land a hand for the reopening of the titular attraction.

When you are finished with the new stories, a series of trails have opened up across the galaxy. Stellar Flare, Garden of Plenty, and Lab Assistant in Position will provide Trailblazers with a bounty of rewards, provided you can pass the difficult tasks. To help with this, you can call for help from three new recruits.

Silver Wolf is the Stellaron Hunters’ resident hacker genius, a Quantum character on the Path of Nihility who can apply debuffs to her enemies to get the edge in battle. Her Ultimate builds on this role, damaging her targets and reducing their defence, setting them up for a coup de grace.

Our second character is covered in mystery, the travelling merchant Luocha who carries a coffin with them at all times. An Imaginary Type character following the Path of Abundance, Luocha is a master of healing, with his unique skill guaranteeing emergency healing on critically damaged allies. His Death Wish Ultimate, fitting for the coffin, dispels one buff on all enemies whilst dealing damage,

Finally, Yukong will be taking a break from overseeing Xianzhou Luofus airspace matters to join you on your travels. Another Imaginary Type character on the Path of Harmony, Yukong focuses on assisting her companions, by using her Roaring Bowstrings mechanic to confer damage buffs to your party.

Download Honkai: Star Rail now on the App Store and Google Play to prepare for the new content.

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