Coming January 12th, Honkai Impact 3rd will release version 6.3, dubbed Symphony of Truth. This update will continue the game's main story as Bronya morphs into the Herrscher of Truth, whilst bringing a new event and a new challenge mode.

In the latest story chapter, XXXIV, the Valkyries will return to earth following Bronya's learning of the Gerrscher of Reason’s legacy and becoming the Herrscher of Truth themselves. Captains will be able to obtain this new S-rank battlesuit to fight with, switching between its two special forms at will.

The Extremum form equips Bronya with a lance and focuses on fighting with speed, whereas her Continuation form sees her don a futuristic exoskeleton to bombard enemies with powerful attacks. This IMG-type Ice Damage dealer can support her allies whilst dealing fantastic damage to their foes.

V6.3 will also introduce the Bustling Holiday Symphony event, taking players to a tourist attraction currently under construction. In a mystical maze, characters from St Freya and the Golden Courtyard will compete against each other, undertaking Scenic Tasks in specific areas to build their factions' exploration progress. This unlocks now exclusive areas, and finally allows you to take on the boss, and the faction with the highest exploration contribution will win special rewards.

If you want more of a challenge, the Chaotic Dimension mode is a series of special stages in rotation with three different characters, who sport an exclusive set of skills. Each of the stages will hinge on special mechanisms which work with the party's exclusive skills, so you will need to master each of them to succeed. Daily stages and the challenge stages will net you shop tokens to be exchanged for limited-time rewards.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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