GDC 2015 - Piloteer is Whitaker Trebella's Latest Project, and it's Definitely Something DIfferent

Posted by Rob Rich on March 3rd, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

You know Pivvot, right? Of course you do. You're probably also familiar with Polymer. And if you haven't played either you probably should, because they're excellent. Well, the mind behind both of these Editor's Choice games, Whitaker Trebella, is at it again with yet another game that begins with a "P" - Piloteer.

Piloteer is about an inventor who loves (loves) jetpacks. She loves jetpacks so much that she's decided to make it her personal mission to convince a society that hates them to, well, love them. And the way she'll do that is by completing a bunch of crazy jetpack-related tasks that may or may not be likely to result in a horrible crash. Imagine trying to fly a jetpack in QWOP and you'll have a general idea of how it plays, actually.

Piloteer should hopefully be seeing an App Store release in May, at which point you can rest assured that we'll have a review raring to go.

iPhone Screenshots

(click to enlarge)

QWOP for iOS screenshot 1 QWOP for iOS screenshot 2 QWOP for iOS screenshot 3 QWOP for iOS screenshot 4

iPad Screenshots

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QWOP for iOS screenshot 5 QWOP for iOS screenshot 6 QWOP for iOS screenshot 7 QWOP for iOS screenshot 8
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