Five Dates, a self-described “interactive rom-com” from Wales Interactive, is out now on iOS after an earlier release on PC and consoles last year.

The game is a dating simulator that consists of live-action filmed sequences and a choose your own adventure format. You play as Vinny, a single man bored during the COVID-19 lockdowns and joins a dating app to go on virtual video dates with women living in London.

Each potential match, which includes actors such as Mandip Gill from Doctor Who and Vikings’ Georgia Hirst, have their own personalities, goals, desires, and flaws. It’s up to you as Vinny to control your responses on each date, where every choice determines whether the date goes smoothly or ends up a total disaster.

Five Dates was developed by Good Gate Media during the COVID-19 pandemic and uses branching chains of conversation topics to lead to each outcome. This can determine how each match views Vinny, and whether they would want to see him again. As a result of this, there are obviously multiple endings where each date could either want to see him again or reject his advances. If you’re terribly unlucky in love, you might end up getting rejected by every one.

“Five Dates is an exploration of the unpredictable modern dating experience, which follows an average single man as he navigates the world of digital dating. Through his journey, the decisions the viewer makes for him will challenge their own conceptions of attraction and compatibility,” says the official store page for Five Dates.

Five Dates was released last year on PC and consoles, and you can now download it from the iOS App Store. It is a free to play title with in-app purchases. If you’re on Android, fret not, as a version for that platform is also coming and we’ll be able to update you on that once we know more.

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