Following on from .™, the world's first App Store app to be built from concept to final within a 48 hour period, iPhone development studio ustwo™ are about to release the next in the series. Due to the full version of Inkstrumental™ not being quite ready, they quickly created a super lite special. It's called Inkstrumental™ CRAZO™ and it's a taster/lite version for the studio's next major non-48hr release. Inkstrumental™

So, before they hold their Inkstrumental™ pre-launch press event in London tonight, and before the apparazzi™ comes out in force, the studio have allowed me to give you an exclusive look at Inkstrumental™ CRAZO™, which I'm told is so exclusive, Ustwo™ themselves are still undecided over whether they're even going to release this publicly yet.

If that wasn't enough, I'll also be showing you Inkstrumental™ (the full version) in action! It's important to note that what you are about to see are pre-release products from ustwo™, and features and or UI layout may be subject to change.

Inkstrumental™ CRAZO™ (LITE)

Dubbed Inkstrumental™ CRAZO™ the app is the a super lite special edition of Inkstrumental™ set to hit soon. The app consists of a trippily-designed soundboard, which uses the cartoon-like characters you're about to be introduced to, in the full version of Inkstrumental™.

Checkout the moisture below:

In this 'lite' version, the characters seem to be movable although due to it being a lite version, there won't be any record or playback functionality. This is simply going to be an app to have a right good ol' mess around with.

Inkstrumental™ (FULL)

A collaboration between both ustwo and Jon Burgerman, described as sound graffiti and costing the studio in the region of £30.000 to develop, ustwo™ are stressing Inkstrumental™ - is the BIG one.

Having gone back and forth throughout the production stages, changing ideas and even a few week ago starting over completely, ustwo™ are confident Inkstrumental™ is going to be an instant hit with the App Store crowd.

Sneak Peak

A fun app, Inkstrumental™ is set in a crazily cool designed environment. The app sees you playing with wonderfully strange and sometimes plain weird creatures. Each time you tap, the creatures will make different sounds, allowing you to create and record an awesome and colorful musical score. Your creation of musical genius is shown up top on the timeline, and if you feel you want to start over, just shake and the score is reset.

In their words:

"Inkstrumental™ lets you create music by touching the characters, who each play a sound from a selection of weird and wonderful samples and noises. You can make different tunes by putting the characters in various sequences and touching them like a synthesizer keyboard. You will also be able share your Inkstrumental™ creations with other users, and hear what inkstrumentalists™ around the globe have come up with."

I have to say I'm quite impressed at the level of design work that are coming out in these apps. Look out for both Inkstrumental™ and Inkstrumental™ CRAZO™ hitting the App Store, soon. Can't wait to see more? We'll have more from ustwo™ later tonight, where we'll hopefully be bringing you some shots from their LIVE pre-launch UK press event. Stay Tuned!

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