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Waves is sort of like an over-the-shoulder version of Tiny Wings. Although it manages to be much simpler than Tiny Wings, which is really saying something. Or, at least, it's simpler in its execution. That doesn't mean there aren't hints and tips that, once you've learned them, are going to ensure that you're getting the best scores you possibly can.

And that's where this article comes in. We've spent a good few hours bouncing along on the watery, occasionally fiery, levels in Waves, and we've written down everything we know about the game in five succinct points. Once you've scoured this article, you're going to be hitting the heights in no time flat. That's the 148Apps guarantee.

Upgrade right now

The first thing you need to do in Waves is start upgrading your boat. Your first few runs aren't going to be that impressive, but as soon as you start pouring money into the four different upgrade trees, you're going to see your scores smashing through the roof. The game doesn't do a very good job of telling you to do this, but we have no, so you don't have an excuse.

Try and be perfect

A perfect landing is what you should be aiming for every time. Not only does it give you extra fuel, which is going to be essential in your first few runs, chaining them together means you get a super boost. This speeds you up, and that means you'll get more air, which means you'll be able to throw in more flips and earn even more coin.

Waves iOS guide screenshot - Boost mode

Wait a little

When you're doing well, it's tempting to chuck in as many flips as you can, but that's a sure way to make a mistake. Instead, focus on getting your landing right and keeping moving. You might get one fewer flip in a jump, but you'll get a chance to jump again, which is always going to get you bigger rewards.

Take your chances

That said, don't be shy to throw in huge spins when the opportunity arises. When you're soaring above a level, you've got plenty of time to flip out and earn the big bucks. Just remember to stick your landing, and you're going to be pulling in massive scores and rewards left right and center.

Ignore the videos

While you could watch a video to double your rewards sometimes, in all honesty it's not worth it. Instead, upgrade your boat with the coins you have, and then jump into the next run. You're still going to progress through the levels, you're still going to have a big pile of coins, and you don't have to sit through a video to get them.

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