If you're looking to make a big catch, you might consider trying out The Fish Master, a game that tasks you with catching as many fish as you can, and fishing as deep as you can, to earn money and upgrade your equipment.

If that sounds like it floats your boat, we have the tips you need to get ahead while you're trawling through the depths.

Upgrade your equipment

One of the first things you'll want to do is upgrade your equipment as much as possible. Doing so will let you fish in deeper waters – giving you access to rarer, more valuable fish – and will let you get more fish on the line. Both will help you increase your profits, and work your way down to the depths where the best fish are swimming.

The Fishing Master iOS guide screenshot - Catching a fish

Try to catch rare fish

When you do cast your line, you want to try and be a little picky about what you get on your hook. Rarer fish, such as lobsters for example, are worth more money than the common fish swimming about underneath your boat. Since you only have so many fish your hook can hold, especially at the beginning, do what you can to aim for the rarer fish, and help earn more cash.

The same will be true later in the game, when you have access to "shiny" fish. These fish are worth even more than the rare varieties, and with the rays of light around them they're hard to miss. Aim your hook towards them as much as possible.

The Fishing Master iOS guide screenshot - Your fisherman

Don't neglect the offline bonus

While you initially want your focus to be on upgrading your equipment, don't forget to put some of your hard-earned cash towards upgrading your offline bonus, too. Doing so will help you earn more dollars while you're away from the game, and that passive income will get you even closer to the goal of the strongest pole and the deepest depths.

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