99 Arrows is a new game from tastypill, where your goal is to shoot the required number of arrows onto a spinning disc without the arrows ever touching each other. It's a concept that's simple enough, but pretty challenging in practice. We've got the tips to help you shoot your way through all the levels though.

And you're going to need them, since there are lots of them! Don't worry though. By the time you've finished reading this you're going to be firing out arrows like a modern-day, digital Robin Hood. Now that does sound awesome.

Find your favorite mode

There's a variety of different game modes in 99 Arrows, all of which unlock after you've passed level five of the classic mode. There's subtle differences to all of them - some have you shooting multiple arrows at once, some let you only see part of the spinning disc, and so on - but all of them are focused around the same concept of getting enough arrows in the right place.

Don't be afraid to play around with the different modes to find one you like, but once you hit your favorite, it's worth sticking with for a while to really develop a feel for the mechanics and timing.

99 Arrows guide screenshot - The main mode

Timing is everything

This brings up the next key point of the game - timing. You're going to want to become as comfortable as possible with the timing of your shots, to make sure they go exactly where you want them to go. The spacing of the arrows is important here, too. You want to try and keep the arrows fairly evenly spaced, so that you don't wind up trying to aim your remaining shots into an impossibly tiny space.

Eye on the gold

One thing that will help you, especially if you're having some trouble getting your arrows where you want them to go, is aiming for the gold coin that often appears. It will always show up in a free space that's wide enough to fit an arrow in, and though it will disappear later in the level, it's a good guide to at least get you started.

Don't worry too much about collecting the coins themselves, though. The only thing they're good for is unlocking customized appearances for your equipment, and while it looks cool to have fancy arrows, they don't give you any particular advantage. In fact it might be easier to stay with the simple arrows, as there's less on them to accidentally hit.

99 Arrows guide screenshot - The different modes

Overall, patience is key. Fire off your arrows too quickly, and you'll easily see your useable space shrink until you're forced to make tricky shots at the end. With a little planning you'll have plenty of space, and hit the target every time. If you have your own hints for the game, let us know in the comments!

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