NetEase Games has announced they are teaming up alongside CCP Games with Massively Multiplayer Online Science, VIB and Ghent University to bring Project Discovery to their space-based mobile game EVE Echoes. After multiple rounds of pretty successful collaboration with EVE Online, it is now the turn of the EVE Echoes player base to have some fun in the name of science.

Project Discovery is a minigame inside EVE Echoes that will instantly unlock whenever the player reaches Tech Level 7. When this requirement is met, docking at any station will allow access to the Project Discovery page via the Events menu. The minigame is fairly simple and involves matching data points individually with each other. If benefiting from the cold hand of science isn’t enough motivation, the game will reward Science Credits that can be exchanged for prizes such as exclusive skins and ships. Anyone who completes the tasks quickly will be awarded additional credits, and the most dedicated of armchair scientists will net unique medals for weekly and all-time participation.

This is not the first citizen science project that has teamed up with a video game. Outside of the EVE family, Borderland 3 featured a sequencing minigame that assisted scientists in analysing genes in the human gut microbiome. Over 2 million players took part in the project to great scientific benefit. The results of Project Discovery itself will be used to aid in numerous biological studies, which will hopefully help prevent or even cure certain illnesses in the future.

NetEase Games is collaborating with Martens Lab, Dhaenens lab and MMOs on the project to get the most out of player contributions. The two labs work together to process the incredible amounts of research data, wherever MMOS deals with the implementation of scientific research in video games to create an attractive way to play. Citizen science projects have lagged in the past with finding participants, however, adding them to video games netted them millions of willing participants to help benefit a plethora of very important research

EVE Echoes is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play. Anyone who wants further information on EVE Echoes' involvement with Project Discovery can visit the collaborative website.

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