Towards the end of December, we covered an update to Nexons’ RPG Blue Archive that involved the characters exploring a fishing town in that most appropriate of gear; swimwear. Well, Nexon has found a vein it likes and will keep tapping it, as they roll out three more summer-clad students in the latest update.

Trinity Extracurriculars: In Search of Hidden Ruins see the player character and three students from the Trinity General School; Ui, Hinata, and Koharu, stranded on a deserted island as they are off on an archaeological adventure. Yes, it appears Indiana Jones had it all wrong, archaeologists don't wear fedoras and brown jackets, they wear swimsuits.

Kicking off the recruits is Ui (Swimsuit), a Sniper rifle-packing piercer who can use her EX Skill to move allies to her position and buff them with Piercing Effectiveness. Hinata (Swimsuit) is an Explosive Striker who can bombard foes in a circular area whilst ignoring up to 80% of their defence. Finally, Koharu (Swimsuit) can also deal huge damage to a circular area, with bonus damage to medium enemies. You can also get her free from the story.

After recruiting your new friends, it is time to tackle the new minigames this update brings, to rack up some impressive rewards. As you progress through the story you will also earn Event Points, which you can spend on Credit Points, which can then be spent on upgrading student skill levels, or even getting some Elephs or the new Koharu.

To help you get that one student that will really tie your team together, Nexon has introduced Precisions recruitment, a system that allows up to nine re-rolls when pulling characters, a risky manoeuvre that just might pay off. To test this, players can get ten recruitment tickets a day until February 8th, with an additional twenty on the 7th. Log in before February 6th, and you will even get 1,200 Pyroxenes. That's a lot of chances to get that dream team.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Storeand Google Play.

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