As it has been out for a few months, Snowbreak: Containment Zone is all but obliged to take part in that most time-honoured Anime tradition. That’s right, it is time to shake off those cold winter blues because the good men and women of the Heimdall Force are off to the beach.

Launching November 2nd, Verdurous Holiday will give the Adjutant and his team a break from battling Titans and will see them off on a relaxing island holiday instead. Does it all go to plan? No, of course, it doesn’t, but at least players can collect a host of new outfits and equipment. Even a new 5-star character.

Mauxir - Shadow Ka is a new version of the cat-like character, and you can certainly see the Egyptian inspiration in the design. She is able to summon a Kebechet, and then immediately throw them at enemies to deal Chaos DMG. You can also swing them around to bludgeon nearby enemies, which is quite the funny image. Her Ultimate will deal massive Chaos DMG and Slow her target, whilst also constructing a Shadow Temple that pumps out AOE damage. Complete this character with her Sizzling Holiday outfit, and Alloy Truth submachine gun.

You can also get swimsuits for Chen Xing - Ethereal Cloud, Yao - Winter Solstice, and Enya, the latter of which can be obtained for free from the Event Shop. If you prefer a more modest outfit, there are also some new ones available for Marian - Swift and Yao. Yao’s Enduring Valor in particular is interesting, as it produces some unexpected battle damage effects.

For those who want to just explore the tropical island, you are in luck. You can take in the scenery freely, gather resources, and enjoy the new fishing mini-game. You can even play the Monopoly-inspired Goldrush Party. Beat your friends on the board, then head to the co-op modes and climb to the top of the new leaderboard.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play. Act fast to take full advantage of the new seven-day login mission.

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