Mythology makes for a great game, so it is strange that there aren't many based on Arthurian legends, the only one that immediately springs to mind was the 2004 PS2 entry King Arthur based on that sub-par movie. There is a newcomer to the arena, however, as Kabam unveil more information on their upcoming squad-based RPG, King Arthur: Legends Rise.

King Arthur follows the story of our protagonist in his younger days. With King Lot parlaying with the dark gods to gain the power to conquer Camelot, Arthur must turn to the dragon trapped with Excalibur and make a pact to gain the strength to defeat this menacing foe. He will not be alone, as you will recruit a myriad of Arthurian legends to combat the dark forces, mythical monsters, and power-hungry madmen.

As you venture through Camelot you will amass an army of Arthurian-inspired allies such as Knights and Mages, each with their own backstory and skills. You will be able to upgrade your new friends and equip them with an armoury of powerful relics, equipment, and legendary medieval weapons.

Combat will unfold in squads, which is an arena Kabam has some experience in with its RPG Disney Mirroverse. That coupled with Marvel Contest of Champions shows that if you give these developers a big well of lore, they can turn that into a pretty fun game. The legends will be safe in their hands.

For those who reside in the United States, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Philippines and Hong Kong, but not the United Kingdom where the legend originates because why not, the game's next open beta test begins on June 29th, so you can get yourselves familiar with the combat system ahead of launch.

Heroes young and old can now pre-register for King Arthur: Legends Rise on the official website, which is advisable as you will get your hands on some exclusive goodies for doing so.

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